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“To be honest and open-minded” is one of the principles of our key ideology and it reflects our relation to all kinds of interaction in the company, with our contractors and partners, with public authorities.

We take care of our business reputation and corporate culture and act only within the applicable legislation, according to the principles of conscientious business, high standards of business ethics and professional behavior.

Our standards of internal behavior, rules of all kinds of external relations (with our customers, business partners, public authorities etc.) are stated in the general document, Code of Business Ethics. The Code is obligatory for execution by all Major Cargo Service employees.  

The Anticorruption Policy is a basic document of Major Cargo Service which determines the key principles and requirements aimed at corruption prevention and compliance with the applicable anticorruption law by the Company, members of its management bodies, employees and other persons who may act on behalf of the Company.

The Policy reflects commitment of the Company and its management to high ethical standards of open and fair business for improvement of the corporate culture, following the best practices of corporate management and maintaining the business reputation at the proper level.