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Customs clearance and distribution of fashion goods

  1. Customer Industry: fashion

    It’s the largest Russian operator in fashion industry  –  women's underwear, swimming suits, house and beachwear

  2. Tasks that we had:

    • to provide customs clearance services for goods arriving by sea, air and overland all over Russia
    • to deliver goods to warehouses
    • to make warehouse handling processes
    • to provide delivery to consignees
  3. Specifics of the case and how we succeded:

    • Wide commodity nomenclature.
    • We appointed a personal manager who was responsible for careful processing.
    • Discrepancies in weights and/or quantity of goods.
    • We specified the weight for each size of commodity unit.
    • Short-term periods.

      To carry out transportation in limited time-lines mode we organized strict interval deliveries and  developed a dispatch scheme which:

      • was based on morning, afternoon and evening intervals;
      • took into account the features of acceptance in each shopping center;
      • formed optimal routes and in some cases combined them;
      • сonsolidated cargo of different customers delivered to the same address
      • allowed to deliver about 50 routes at a time.

    • High liquidity of a cargo and a delicate package.
  4. We placed CCTV-cameras in warehouses to get rid of blind areas. We also provided additional thermo-shrink package.

  5. Results:

    Together with the customer we’ve got a successful long-term cooperation, geography extension, development of an agent network, improvement and development of IT technologies and security systems. Now this is a regular service implemented on a weekly basis.

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