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Supply chain organization of expensive telecom equipment

  1. Customer Industry: telecom

    One of the major equipment manufacturers in the TOP-3 telecom market.

  2. Tasks:

    • To bring equipment from Europe
    • To provide customs clearance
    • To issue authorization documents
    • To fulfill warehouse processing and shipment orders
    • To carry out shipment and delivery
  3. Specifics:

    • A large range of goods (about 15 000 items).
    • Limited delivery time (20 days maximum).
    • Very expensive equipment.
  4. How we succeded:

    • The training was organized and conducted by the client's staff for Major employees.
    • An internal manual was created and training was conducted in Major.
    • In addition to personal account manager, we provided this project with an individual customs manager. That helped to process a wide commodity nomenclature properly and quickly.
    • 100% EDI data exchange was implemented. Specific customer’s requirements were taken into account.
    • We also helped the customer to reduce travel expenses. We had a separate working-team in each city and town that helped with installations. The customer didn’t pay for business trips’ organization.
  5. The result:

    Over 85000 orders were successfully fulfilled per year. More than 500 tons of high-tech and expensive equipment were imported. KPI for compliance with the delivery time was 99%.

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