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д. Михалково, 25 км а/д Балтия, п/о Архангельское, торгово-складской комплекс, лит. 1Б 143420 Московская область, г. Красногорск
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The largest company in the field of health and research

  1. 1. Description of the Customer

    • The largest company, more than 80 years in the field of health and research
    • Included in the largest financial and industrial group
    • Takes first place in the world in the number of installed automated systems in laboratories.
    • Own staff of engineers-technologists for installation and maintenance of equipment within Russian Federation
  2. 2. Milestones of customer’s history:

    • 2009 - opening of the Russian legal entity
    • 2009 - start of cooperation with Major Logistics Group
  3. 3. Getting started and the main scope of cooperation:

    • 2009 - first delivery was made
    • international transport, auto / air
    • brokerage services
    • storage and handling
    • packing to thermo boxes
    • distribution within Russian Federation, Kazakhstan
    • rigging
  4. 4. Goods features:

    • complicated chemical composition,
    • preferential goods,
    • alcohol-containing products,
    • oversized instruments,
    • different t mode,
    • short delivery times
  5. 5. Achievements during the time of joint collaboration

    • Major - a Russian company entrusted with a full logistic cycle, including all related services
    • 10-times increase in the volumes for 7 years of cooperation
    • Regular roundtables and seminars
    • Joint development and modeling of business processes
    • Annual audit and optimization of logistics processes
  6. 6. Customers’s quote

  7. "In the face of the company Major we found a true business partner, which we rely on in all logistics processes and confidently growing"
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