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Airlines and other representatives of the aviation industry have been the Clients of Major Logistics Group for several years. Thanks to experience gained over the years, we are professionals in this area, understand the unique demands of work and requirements of the industry, which enables us to provide quality services to our Clients. Presently, we offer the following finished products and solutions for the aviation industry.


Customs clearance of service cargoes

Having the Certificate of Nationwide Customs Broker, we provide customs clearance services for all types of service cargoes of airlines (spare parts, wear parts, advertising and souvenir products, catering, etc.). Clearance procedures for exports, imports, processing, temporary import/export, movement of supplies and others stipulated by the Customs Code of the Customs Union are also possible. We provide our Clients with the possibility of payment of customs fees using customs card of OOO Major Logistics Group.

AOG (Aircraft On Ground) procedure

Knowing how expensive it is for airlines to delay departure of an aircraft, we developed and agreed a process for clearing AOG (Aircraft on Ground) cargoes with customs authorities at all levels. Customs clearance begins from the detection of a fault in the aircraft, and ends after the departure of the aircraft to the destination point.

Return of unclaimed and mistakenly arrived cargoes to departure airports

Thanks to efficient technology, we provide this service as soon as possible and under provision of minimum number of documents.

Transportation of air cargo in the Russian Federation in customs transit mode

To enhance the ability of airlines in cargo delivery to the airports of the Russian Federation, we developed a product RFS (Road Feeder Service), which includes customs clearance of transit and transportation to the destination point by road or air transport of imported goods by a single air waybill.

Delivery of export cargo to airports

Upon request, we provide airline transportation of export cargoes from the sender’s door (regional airport) to MAC (Moscow Air Cluster) airports or to major European airports. Customs clearance services are provided at the airports in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar. At your request, we can provide this service in any international airport of the Russian Federation.

Presently, our Clients consist of more than 20 foreign and Russian airlines.
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