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Pharma & Healthcare

Recently, the number of pharmaceutical and medical products, which required compliance with certain conditions of temperature, is constantly growing, and this requires additional requirements and restrictions for the processes of transport and storage. The bulk of these drugs consists of active agents in the process of transportation and storage are required maintain the appropriate temperature, as it affects not only the efficiency but also the level of product safety for consumers. Special storage and transport must be carried out by all supply chain participants. A large number of intermediaries between the producer and the end user complicates the regulatory requirements.

Pharma & Healthcare

Major is delivering medical supplies and clinical equipment from anywhere in the world by all means of transport with the possibility of customs clearance at most positions of Russia and Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We will provide quality and timely delivery "to the door" end user.

The main characteristics of pharma-services:

  • Custom reception of goods to be dispatched;
  • Special equipment for transportation and ice;
  • Thermo;
  • Priority and individual approach to the customs clearance and delivery to the destination;
  • Special storage conditions during transport (different temperatures, humidity indicators, commodity neighborhood, etc.);
  • Complex integration product (limited shelf life and record on the series production);
  • Cargo handling at the weekend.
  • Goods sent through Major Logistics Group
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Health Products Research;
  • Clinical equipment and consumables;
  • Reagents for PCR diagnostics.