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Outsourcing of foreign economic activity (FEA) is a widely popular service in the field of international trade

This service is popular in Russia due to the fact that the customs legislation and customs procedures in this country are complex and bureaucratic.
FEA Outsourcing Services in Major:

  • Our company is a financial intermediary and technical importer / exporter in the transaction between the customer and supplier in Russia of goods abroad
  • We take the payment currency in foreign trade contracts and currency risks in the conversion
  • Customs declaration of imported goods, the payment of customs duties
  • Transport, storage and cargo insurance

The client, in turn, buys goods of interest to him in Russian legal entity and receives all accounting documents by the legislation.
Outsourcing foreign trade 4pl

The foreign agent can take on a wider range of tasks:

  • Search for the supplier of goods to the criteria specified by the client
  • Consolidation of goods from different suppliers
  • Order management (order management);
  • Reverse logistics (returns of substandard goods to the supplier or warranty), which brings the service of
  • Foreign trade agent to the 4PL provider;

In everyday life people associated with the trade in imported goods, you can often hear the terms "technical
importer", "clearance at the brokerage contract," by which is often implied the use of "gray" schemes for reducing customs fees. Using also import goods through our foreign agent, you get a transparent financial chain, with documentary evidence of the payment of the customs duties.
FEA outsourcing service can be directed to sell products of Russian manufacturers for export.
Benefits of shopping agency

Advantages of outsourcing service in Major:

  • The client does not participate, accompanied by the foreign trade contract
  • No need to interact with the customs authorities, the lack of customs risk.
  • Minimize currency risk
  • The ability to use the full potential of Major as freight forwarder and customs representative to carry out their trade problems
  • Transparent workflow
  • Pre-approved value of the goods
  • The use of the considerable experience of our managers in the field of foreign trade transactions, international laws, rules and regulations of international trade.
  • We specialize in the supply of goods the following groups:
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Spare parts for construction equipment
  • Consumer Goods
  • Accessories for mobile phones and other gadgets.

Import of Record is especially true for companies:

  • With the unstable frequency of import purchases (up to 5 per month)
  • For start-ups
  • For industrial enterprises
  • For companies that purchase the complex technical equipment that requires deep study of the customs clearance

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